[MEncoder-users] Re: Why use TOOLS/calcbpp.pl and scale ?

Hynek Schlawack hs+mencoder at ox.cx
Thu Mar 2 19:13:03 CET 2006

"Guillaume POIRIER" <poirierg at gmail.com> writes:


>> >> How about AAC? Does it also have these artifacts?
>> > It's all a matter of implementation. Maybe, maybe not, as there's
>> > nothing in the norm that makes either Vorbis or AAC _have to_
>> > behave bad in such cases.
>> Yeah, my question was misleading (and grammatically wrong ;)).  It
>> should have been: "How about a recent FAAC? Does it also has these
>> artifacts?"
> I honestly don't know. The best if to check for yourself. 

I haven't any of those mentioned movies. :/ I'm not sure what to look

> I guess it's still in general worse than vorbis (I haven't tried
> myself, but older blind tests said that FAAC was worse), but _maybe_
> in the cases where vorbis screws, FAAC doesn't screw as much.

Yeah, that's somehow my hope.

RC? Any experiences?

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