[MEncoder-users] Output variable framerate?

Pierre Thibault thibault at physics.cornell.edu
Sat Jan 21 18:54:24 CET 2006


I have a video (ripped from DVD) that contains two types of scenes:
genuine 30fps interlaced scenes and 24fps scenes telecined to 30fps.
When I use -vf pullup with -ofps 29.97, mencoder does a great job at
removing all the interlacing artifacts in both types of scenes, but
generates one extra frame every other 5 in the telecined case, giving
a jerky output. When instead I use -vf pullup with -ofps 24, the 30fps
scenes become jerky because of the frames dropped. So, ideally, I
would like to encode in a variable framerate, going from 30fps to
24fps, depending on the scene. Is there a way to inform mencoder to do
such a thing? For instance, I could first run  -vf pullup -ofps 29.97,
then another run when mencoder detects patterns of duplicate frames to
infer the lower framerate in the scenes where it is the case.

Thank you for any information you could give me about that!


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