[MEncoder-users] mencoder -ss ?? doesnt seem to want to work

SZABO Zsolt szazs at mm.bme.hu
Sun Jan 15 16:35:53 CET 2006

On Wed, 11 Jan 2006, Rich Felker wrote:

>> Whether -ss works or not depends on whether the video in question is
>> broken or not...  Yours apparently is.  Try a different file, and you
>> should have better results.  If you really need to seek, you can re-mux
>> it into an MPEG-PS or AVI file with mencoder.
> An even better method is to make an editlist (EDL) file with the start
> and stop times you want, and use:
> mencoder -hr-edl-seek -edl file.edl ....
> This will give frame-exact cutting.

This option (hr-edl-seek) is not documented in 1.0pre7try2, is it?

I would like to "reencode" an avi cutting out (or skipping) some seconds 
from it:

mecoder input.avi -hr-edl-seek -edl input.edl -ovc copy -oac copy -o 

however, this did not work. That is the frames to be cut out are still in 
the output.avi which has the same size as input.avi has. (Testing the EDL 
with mplayer is OK [it skips the unwanted part]:
mplayer -edl input.edl input.avi)

Or did I misunderstand something?


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