[MEncoder-users] different xvid bitrate, same size for resulting file ??

Uzu Maki tsukune at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 23:25:36 CET 2006

> If your movie encodes very well, then the extra bitrate is not
> necessary, and won't be used. Check the stats file, and see if pretty
> much only low quants are used.
> If you really need extra quality, and do not care use up a little more
> space, you can append min_iquant=1 to your xvid line of options.

i don't have a stats file... mmm... anyway, thanx!
(even though I don't understand really...)

you have probably guessed what I was trying to do...
use as much space as available on a 700Mo CD...

I'm still working on this... strangely enough I can't get any doc on
google for this...
you know... to fix a 700Mo size...

I tried with the frameno method:
Recommended video bitrate for 650MB CD: 677
Recommended video bitrate for 700MB CD: 740
Recommended video bitrate for 800MB CD: 866

but this is no good... I can't use bitrate=740 ???

cheers, Guil

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