[MEncoder-users] Converting 1080i to 720p [new to list]

Matthias Hopf mat at mshopf.de
Fri Feb 24 16:52:32 CET 2006

On Feb 22, 06 12:51:23 -0500, Wayne Arant wrote:
> > > I'm new to the list and mencoder.
> > > I have an HDTV capture that I have been having a lot of trouble with,
> > and
> > > from my research It looks like it either changes framerate or (the more
> Hey, it is the 1st season Battlestar galactica episodes that are in
> alt.binaries.hdtv from december (still visible on giganews servers)

Note that some of the BG episodes (2x03, 04, and 05 AFAIR) have
*serious* issues. I haven't been able to encode them without a major
number of frame drops either. It's not only about soft/hard telecine.

> > Are you sure that 24 frames per second is correct?

It has been filmed at 23.976fps, I don't remember the source fps, though.

> It switches back and forth between 30000/1001 and 24000/1001 at seeming
> random intervals (possibly scene changes as had been suggested in the
> archives)  but the vast majority is 24000/1001 (over 95%)

That's typically no problem. I'd like to tell you the options I've found
to work best, but I cannot address my machine at home ATM.


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