[MEncoder-users] for DVD authoring

Kirill Radzikhovskyy kirillrdy at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 09:54:47 CET 2006

Hey,I use this  command for convreting my DivX movies to DVD ( copyed from

mencoder -oac lavc -ovc lavc -of mpeg -mpegopts format=dvd -vf
scale=720:576,harddup -srate 48000 -af lavcresample=48000 -lavcopts
-ofps 25  -o output.mpg input.avi

what, I've noticed is , that if the movie is not 16/9 aspect ration, the
picture gets shrinked (or stretched)  and faces all look weird and so on.
Is there a way ( command) that will make movies to fit the height ( to the
dvd pal format 576), increase the width by the same factor so the acpect
ratio is kept, and to crop off the left overs so, the whole thing fits
nicely in 720:576.
I can kinda do the same, but in 2 passes with a lot of manual guess work.
Is there a universal way?
or actually i am despirate for any suggestions.

Thanks in advance,
Kirill R

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