[MEncoder-users] for DVD authoring

Fredrik Eriksson feffese at yahoo.se
Thu Feb 23 15:37:49 CET 2006

Kirill Radzikhovskyy wrote:
> but wouldt it be square then not wide screen?
maybe I'm missing something here... the purpose of the aspect option is 
to set the aspect that the video should be viewed in, right? I have 
never had a 16/9 screen myself but if you want to watch a 4/3 video on a 
16/9 screen I think you have three alternatives:

1. stretch the video over the entire screen (bad idea)
2. crop the top and bottom of the video (very bad idea)
3. watch the video with 4/3 aspect ratio, the edges of the screen will 
be blank (not as bad as the previous alternatives)

adding a expand filter to make the video 16/9, but still look good, is 
the same as the third option, except that it also involves wasting bits 
on black borders, and making the image quality worse. And if you want to 
play the video on a 4/3 screen later, those black borders will result in 
a small square video in the middle of the screen.

So always keep the original aspect ratio, there is really no reason not 
to (correct me if I'm wrong).


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