[MEncoder-users] mencoder - wmv to mp3 / rm to mp3 / wmv to mp4 / rm to mp4

Tony tmugavero at talkpoint.com
Mon Feb 13 19:32:20 CET 2006


This is my first time posting and I'm quite new to using mencoder.  I am trying
to get the audio only from a .wmv file and put it into an .mp3 .  I have been
able to get an .mp3 out that was only playable with mplayer, not windows media.
 Could someone please give me the correct command line parameters to enter on a
Windows 2000 machine to get .wmv's audio into .mp3?  I am also trying to get
audio only from .rm and put it into .mp3 .  I would appreciate any help with
that as well.  And ultimately, I would like to go from .wmv and .rm to .mp4 . 
Thank you in advance for your help, and I look forward to contributing to the
community as I gain more experience.  

Regards, T

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