[MEncoder-users] Can MEncoder output MPEG-2 elementary streams (*.m2v)?

Markus Kaiserswerth mkaiserswerth at inetmx.de
Sat Feb 11 20:55:57 CET 2006


I am happily using MEncoder to encode my source video files to  
MPEG-2. In most cases, however, I need to multiplex two or more audio  
streams into the video material after encoding. Doing this involves  
demuxing the *.mpg file that MEncoder created and afterwards remuxing  
the resulting MPEG-ES (*.m2v) it with the desired audio tracks (using  

Obviously, the demultiplexing is a waste of time. It would be nice if  
MEncoder could output an MPEG-ES (*.m2v file) instead of a readily  
muxed MPEG program stream.

Is this possible?


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