[MEncoder-users] encode video for kino import

Peter Falk p.falk at gmx.net
Mon Feb 6 08:35:48 CET 2006


I now figured out, how to convert jpeg to video with mencoder on linux, 
thanks for the help.

But I want to use the output files to import into kino (www.kinodv.org). 
No matter what format I try (mpeg4, mpeg2, mjpeg) kino would not accept 
the files and gives an error message "failed to load media file".

I understand from several newsgroups that kino until version 0.7.5 only 
accepted raw DV as input, so I also tried this (see below). I also 
installed version 0.8.0 on Ubuntu from the backports. This version 
should be capable of importing other formats as well, but still it does 
not work.

Here are some of the alternative ways I tried to create a proper input 
file for kino:

    mencoder mf://${file} -mf w=720:h=576:fps=1/15:type=jpg -ofps 25
    -ovc copy -oac copy -o ${file}.avi

    mencoder mf://${file} -mf fps=1/15:type=jpg -of mpeg -mpegopts
    format=dvd -srate 48000 -ofps 25 \
         -ovc lavc -o ${file}.mpg -oac lavc -lavcopts

    mencoder mf://${file} -mf fps=1/15:type=jpg -ofps 25 -ovc libdv -oac
    pcm -o ${file}.avi

    mencoder mf://${file} -mf fps=1/15:type=jpg -ofps 25 -ovc libdv -oac
    pcm -srate 32000 \
         -vf scale=720:576 -noaspect -o ${file}.dv

    mencoder mf://${file} -mf fps=1/15:type=jpg -ofps 25 -oac copy -ovc
    lavc \
         -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg2video:aspect=4/3 -o ${file}.mpg

    mencoder mf://${file} -mf fps=1/15:type=jpg -ofps 25 -ovc lavc
    -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4 -oac copy -o ${file}.avi

Does anybody have an idea how to create a kino compliant input file out 
of the jpeg files?

Thanks and best regards

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