[MEncoder-users] 1080i TS -> 720p x264

Jon Ferguson jon at sd-6.org
Thu Aug 31 02:23:37 CEST 2006

I am trying to convert a 1080i ts stream to 720p x264.  What I have done is
created a fifo to conserve disk space.
I startup mencoder like so,
mencoder inputfile.ts -vf filmdinit,softskip,scale=1280:720 -ofps 24000/1001
-of rawvideo -ovc raw -vf swapuv -nosound -o /tmp/stream.yuv
Then I use the x264 binary like so
x264 -p 1 -b 3 --b-pyramid -r 8 -w -m 6 --b-rdo --mixed-refs -bime -t 2
--fps 24000/1001 --no-fast-pskip -A all --progress --threads 3 -o
outputfile.nosound.mkv /tmp/stream.yuv 1280x720

The output is garbled. Without using scale it works as expected.  According
to the man page scale also does yuv->bgr conversion.  I think this might be
the problem.  Is there a way to prevent it from converting to bgr or am I
way of base?

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