[MEncoder-users] Writing multipart jpegs (mpjpeg) with mencoder?

Evgeniy Stepanov eugeni.stepanov at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 02:16:52 CEST 2006

On Thursday 31 August 2006 03:54, Stefan Neufeind wrote:
> > mencoder input.avi -of lavf -lavfopts
> > format=mpjpeg:i_certify_that_my_video_stream_does_not_use_b_frames
> > -nosound -ovc lavc -o qq
> Hmm, it does work somehow. Okay, so I missed to figure out mpjpeg is a
> container, not the image itself. But could it be that the container does
> not yet contain valid jpeg-data? Or am I wrong? Do I need to specify
> some vcodec=jpeg? (which does not work as I tried it)

Maybe vcodec=mjpeg would help ? I'm not really sure. In fact, I just grepped 
the sources for 'mpjpeg', and found it in libavformat :)

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