[MEncoder-users] Convert Quicktime file to MPEG for DVD--Garbled Audio

Endel Mell emell at pathcom.com
Sun Aug 13 19:52:01 CEST 2006

>>/ Also, your message is missing some important information, like if you
/>>/ can play the file in the first place.  And the fact that your
/>>/ mplayer has no version string suggests it's an unsupported 3rd party
/>>/ package.
>Not to mention the fact that it still says "dev-CVS-" and not
>"dev-SVN-"; it's been long enough since that switch-over that
>non-official-release-based packages should probably have been updated to
>match, IMO.

Thanks, just to close the loop, I re-installed the package & the version string was updated. After that, the audio problems went away.


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