[MEncoder-users] forcing encode of lost frames as duplicates

Josh Sutton josh.sutton at cohdawireless.com
Tue Aug 8 10:44:34 CEST 2006


I'm trying to produce a video from a video server stream running 
across a lossy wireless link.  The problem is that time needs to 
be preserved even if frames are lost.  ie if I'm receiving nominally 
30 fps and say 20 frames are lost, then the remaining 10 frames should
 be duplicated such that they still occupy 1 second. 
The duplicate frames work fine using mplayer and displaying on the screen.
If I start mplayer displaying on the screen and disconnect the ethernet to 
simulate frame losses, then mplayer holds the last frame.  However when I use 
mencoder to either copy or reencode the stream to disk, the missing frames 
are skipped (not inserted), and the playback shows time discontinuities.

I've also tried using mplayer with the -vo jpeg option.  But skipped frames are
not encoded.

the mencoder.exe harddup switch does not work.  I suspect because the frames are
missing, not duplicates.

Anyone with any ideas?


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