[MEncoder-users] Re: forcing encode of lost frames as duplicates

Corey Hickey bugfood-ml at fatooh.org
Wed Aug 9 18:46:49 CEST 2006

Josh Sutton wrote:
> Corey Hickey <bugfood-ml <at> fatooh.org> writes:
>>> Yep.  Reading between the lines, I don't think this is what the harddup is
>>> actually meant for, so it's not totally suprising that it doesn't do what 
>>> I want it to do.
>>> What I'm looking for is a tool that will blindly write new frames to disk 
>>> even if they weren't received.  So that frame rate and hence playback time is
>>> preserved.   Perhaps there is a better way to achieve this than using these
>>> tools, but so far I have not found it.
>> Yeah, I was afraid that's what you meant.
>>>>> I suspect because the frames are missing, not duplicates.
>>>> What exactly is the video data you're feeding mencoder? Is it an MPEG,
>>>> or a series of JPEGs, or what?
>>> The input stream is an mpeg stream from an rtsp session.  The mencoder 
>>> command line and output is below.  If frames are not received, then the 
>>> transmit time stamp on the encoded video jumps from say 11 seconds to 13 
>>> seconds.  What I want is for the the encoded video to hold the frame
>>> received at 11 seconds for a full 2 seconds and then move on to the frames
>>> received at 13 seconds.
>> I can't think of any way to do that with mencoder, short of making a
>> patch for either the demuxer or muxer to generate those blank frames. I
>> don't have the time to figure out how to do that, though.
>> If anybody else has any good ideas then he or she should chime in.
>> Perhaps there is some creative use of mencoder or another program I
>> can't think of.
> Thanks anyway.
> Just one more thought.  Is it possible to have mencoder encode the video stream
> from the video server and also an audio stream of silence from a separate
> source?  That might force mencoder to keep writing blank or duplicate a/v frames
> because it needs to keep encoding the audio?  The man page doesn't mention
> anything specific, but it seems like an obvious feature of the muxer to be able
> to take audio and video from separate streams.

I don't think that would work, but, if you want to try, the option you 
want is -audiofile.


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