[MEncoder-users] a-v synchronization problems of some NTSC DVDs with -oac copy

Phil Ehrens phil at slug.org
Thu Apr 28 06:10:26 CEST 2005

Rich Felker wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 27, 2005 at 02:22:58PM -0700, Corey Hickey wrote:
> > David Soukal wrote:
> > 
> > > I'll do that! But before I do, does the fact that the movie compressed
> > > with libav codec seems desync-free help??
> > > 
> > 
> > I didn't expect that. There must be a bug in xvid, then. I won't be able
> > to help you much, but hopefully one of the xvid people will.
> It's probably a matter of using B frames or not. IMO B frames will
> always cause A/V desync with mencoder's design, but people usually say
> it works...so I don't know what the deal is.

It works for me using lavc even when the frame rate is
bouncing all over the place (the licensing studio's bug
and titles at 29.970, the original titles at 23.976, some
inserted title content at 29.970, then back to 23.976
until the closing pops back in at 29.970... whew!).
NTSC dvd's can have all sorts of wackiness.

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