[MEncoder-users] Fwd: Has the bug (mencoder -mc 0 -noskip has memory leak for 5.1 audio stream) fixed?

Bo Xie xiebopublic at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 01:07:33 CEST 2005

Sorry, I should post it here instead of mplayer-user maillist.

Best Regards,
Xie Bo
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From: Bo Xie <xiebopublic at gmail.com>
Date: Apr 18, 2005 11:33 PM
Subject: Has the bug (mencoder -mc 0 -noskip has memory leak for 5.1
audio stream) fixed?
To: MPlayer-users at mplayerhq.hu


   I have met the same bug(with latest cvs source code) described by
following poster in this maillist one year ago, and want to make sure
whether anyone has any idea about it?
On Fri, 2004-03-05 at 10:47, Wayde Milas wrote:
> I've read the bug submitting howto and I'm trying my best to submit a
> well informed bug.
> The full dump is attached as a txt file. I am using the cvs versions of
> ffmpeg and mplayer as of 3/4/04
> Observations:
> 1) If I do -nosound the bug does not appear.
> 2) The bug does not appear if the audio stream is 2.0. It only seems to
> manifest on a 5.1 stream.
> 3) I've used multiple DVD's. It crops up at the same place (secondwise)
> no matter what dvd I use.
> 4) I've tried various codec options. Something as simple as:
> mencoder dvd://1 -o Starwars2.avi -mc 0 -noskip -skiplimit 0 -oac copy
> -ovc lavc -vf crop=720:362:0:58 -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vqscale=2
> still exhibits the behavior.
> I'd be glad to expand on the bug report. Just tell me what info you
> need.
> Wayde

I've compiled mplayer on a pent4 box and a amd athlon xp box and they
both exhiobit this same behavior. anyone have a clue as to what

  When I use "mencoder -mc 0 -noskip dvd://1 -of mpeg -oac copy -ovc
copy -tt xxx -endpos xxx ...", several seconds(e.g.300 seconds) later
mencoder tell me "too many audio packages in buffer..." and exit. When
mencoder is encoding, it eats memory more and more and doesn't release
it properly. I mean when I change (demuxer.h) #define MAX_PACKS 4096
to 409600 and #define MAX_PACK_BYTES 0x800000 to 0x80000000 , it will
never pop up  "too many audio packages in buffer..." message but it
has eaten up more than 1GB memory for encoding 50 minutes DVD!!! Then
I'm sure there is memory leak for mencoder -mc 0 -noskip to dealing
with 5.1 audio stream.

  (Maybe you will suggest me to use mplayer -dumpstream, but I want
to use mencoder -ss and -endpos feature.)

  Looking forward to your reply and thanks!

Best Regards,
Xie Bo

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