[MEncoder-users] Audiostreams

Winterbird winterbird at anime-avatar.net
Sat Apr 9 10:04:39 CEST 2005

Korenko Taras wrote:

>Good morning/day/evening, List.
>Don't hit me please :) , but I have a silly question: How can I save two autiostreams (aid=(128 and 129) ) during decoding from *.vob to *.avi?
>Please point me to appropriate part of MEncoder's documentation.
the avi container doesn't support dual audistreams, it's better to put
it in a motroska container.
just encode the audio and video separatly, with the -nosound option when
you encode the video and the -novideo option when you encode the audio
streams, then use the mmg program from mkvtoolnix (www.matroska.org) to
merge the video and audio to one mkv file.

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