[MEncoder-users] My partial success trying to make part of DVD a streaming Internet video.

Hans-Carl Oberdalhoff hco at gmx.de
Wed Apr 6 17:00:36 CEST 2005


> which makes a video that works very well.  However it seems I am still
> getting about 20% worse
> compression than I see on the news.yahoo.com videos.
What does "worse" mean here? Is your video still too big, or is the quality 
too low? 
Or both? :)

> My biggest problem, however, is the video does play with Windows Media
> Player, but it does not
> stream.  
You could try to put the video in an Asf-Container. This can be done using 
ffmpeg. (FFmpeg can also produce valid mp4/Quicktime-Files.)

Hope this helps,

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