[FFmpeg-user] Help: Audio and video output out of sync when streaming

Amar Mash amar.mashruwala at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 06:36:40 EET 2023

Hello All,

I am exploring a GitHub repository -

This is a docker container which when run on EC2, open a URL you provide (
could be any such as VDO.ninja) using Firefox and streams the output to any
RTMP you provide using FFMPEG FLV. The problem I have is out of sync audio
and video when viewed on the output player.

Does anyone know of the FFMPEG commands to get audio and video in sync for
this project. It is so useful.

I have tried -complex filter adelay, -sync 1, -itsoffset, force_key_frame.
No luck so far . At times the audio and video, align, and other times i run
it, it does not align.

Anyone available to help me sync this audio and video?

Thank you all!

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