[FFmpeg-user] Bug in ffmpeg / DV date support

Stefan Oltmanns stefan-oltmanns at gmx.net
Tue Feb 21 01:57:43 EET 2023


I'm not sure this is the correct mailing list for this, but I'm pretty
sure I found a bug in ffmpeg regarding DV support:

In libavformat/dvenc.c line 160-162 the DV month field is set to the
value of a C time structure month field. C defines that field with the
range of 0-11, but it seems that DV uses the range 1-12.

I noticed that, because this piece of code was what I found when trying
to find out how date/time is saved in DV (this is part of the consumer
extension of the professional format, which has no public accessible
standard, so this is probably based on reverse engineering).

I wrote a little tool that automatically cuts DV files every time a
recording was interrupted and in the material from a DV camcorder I
tested it with, the month field jumps from 12 to 1.

Best regards

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