[FFmpeg-user] A query on mpegts and global headers

Dennis Mungai dmngaie at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 16:22:14 EEST 2020

Hello there,

With mpegts output, should global headers be used or not, set via -fflags

And if there are exceptions to that, based on the codec type wrapped in
mpegts, when should global headers be used for mpegts?

I ask because of the dump_extra bitstream filter documentation, which shows
a similar use case:

Which implies that global headers should not be used with mpegts, *but*
even if that's the case, it can be corrected via the video bitstream filter

Another example of this, cited by Gyan in this answer on Stackoverflow:

Please help on clarifying this. The ffmpeg documentation can be a bit
daunting at times.



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