[FFmpeg-user] libx265 a lot slower

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Mon Aug 17 18:12:24 EEST 2020

Am 17.08.20 um 16:47 schrieb Eduardo Alarc├│n:
> El lun., 17 ago. 2020 a las 7:19, Reindl Harald (<h.reindl at thelounge.net>)
> escribi├│:
>> Am 17.08.20 um 10:53 schrieb Phil Rhodes via ffmpeg-user:
>>> Your assumption that everyone is an expert is unreasonable.
>> you don't need to be an expert for common sense, thast's why it's called
>> that way neiter am i an expert for video codecs
>> It's common sense that common sense does not exist

don't let appear something like it has written by who you respond to!

> People are not born with intrinsic knowledge that is applicable to
> everything.

the next one which confuses common sense with knowledge

i don't need knowledge about cars to guess that one needs more fuel when
he drives double as fast while put a big stone in the luggage space

i don't even need to own a car for that

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