[FFmpeg-user] libx265 a lot slower

Eduardo Alarc├│n ealarcong at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 17:47:00 EEST 2020

El lun., 17 ago. 2020 a las 7:19, Reindl Harald (<h.reindl at thelounge.net>)

> Am 17.08.20 um 10:53 schrieb Phil Rhodes via ffmpeg-user:
> > Your assumption that everyone is an expert is unreasonable.
> you don't need to be an expert for common sense, thast's why it's called
> that way neiter am i an expert for video codecs
> It's common sense that common sense does not exist.
People are not born with intrinsic knowledge that is applicable to
Common sense comes from the experience and knowledge of an individual, so
it can be teached because you can explain and teach another why you reached
a certain conclusion based on what facts and experiences.
Common sense for you it's not common sense for another, and there are a lot
of other people that will think that you don't have any common sense.

it's simply logical that smaller files with the same or better quality
> need more computing power and examples where it's possible are very rae
> in the history
> > Am 17.08.20 um 02:07 schrieb Mark Filipak:
> >> On 08/16/2020 05:30 PM, Reindl Harald wrote:
> >>> Am 16.08.20 um 19:14 schrieb Carl Zwanzig:
> >>>> Reindl is known for acerbic and unhelpful answers, AFAICT most readers
> >>>> ignore them.
> >>>
> >>> there is nothing acerbic or unhelpful point to common sense that a new
> >>> codec with better quality or smaller files (and if both is ecpected)
> >>> comes with a logical cost
> >>
> >> That is illogical. There is no reason why one should expect that libx265
> >> will take longer to encode. If you have information to the contrary, you
> >> could cite it instead of being insulting.
> >
> > i can't teach you common sense
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