[FFmpeg-user] Impossible to get the bit depth value of an audio-file with ffprobe

scrutinizer iljashebalin2 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 03:57:55 EEST 2020


This is, in effect, relates to the similar topic raised in January 2018 no this forum (“Sample types 's32 (24 bit)' and 's16 (24 bit)' are confusing to me”).  In it, the user was given a very contradicting response to the concern that ff-utilities couldn’t discern between 32 and 16-bit on one side and 24-bit on the other, talking about RAW audio whose source was digitized analogue audio. THe responder claimed that it was both a bug and intended behaviour and not a bug which looks confusing at the very least.
I faced the same issue today with regard to non-RAW audio made from the 32bit RAW source. I know that the bit depth is 24bit. MediaInfo displays the same value, despite that ffprobe lists the downscaled file as s32p as the value of the sample_fmt subentry of the stream entry. I need a precise bit depth and sample rate value, but so far I was only able to get the sample rate one. I wonder where should I look up for the bit depth parameter in the same way that MediaInfo does to retrieve the correct value?

macOS Mojave
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