[FFmpeg-user] ffplay options for setting audio volume and locating player windows on the screen

Ted Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 11:17:42 EEST 2020


> Thank you for responding. Regarding -volume, i'm just putting 30
> without the %.
> Regarding -top and -left, my version of ffplay (the latest MAC OSX download
> from the website)
> Doesn't seem to know these options.
> I'm confused why generic options like these would vary from
> build/distribution to build?

Woah that's really weird. You could say that they vary because they're such generic parameters: ffplay mostly doesn't interact with the hardware. Drawing the frames in a window, playing the sound through the system audio server, is done by an external library, my build uses SDL2 for this. I thought that was the most common case when building ffplay for macOS. But anyway, a lot of the common parameters are usually "mapped" to the same ffmpeg option, so the commands are as consistent as possible even if you use different components in your build.

The options do vary from build to build, because each build is probably going to have some meaningful difference in the source code, the project is active and keeps changing.
The banner that shows up by default when you type any ffmpeg command indicates almost everything there is to know about each build configuration, since there are practically infinite variations of the software, people tend to assume you're running a fairly recent build unless you provide that.

A lot of people think they are downloading the latest version as they download the latest release, but it's actually pretty old (relatively) since by nature there is only a few a year, if that.
The options I mentioned go back a couple years though, so I'm not sure, maybe it wasn't working for some time? Do post the output when you get the chance (from ffplay command)

Ted Park

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