[FFmpeg-user] Stuck preparing to compile ffmpeg from git source

Mark Filipak markfilipak.windows+ffmpeg at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 07:15:18 EEST 2020

On 04/12/2020 11:33 PM, ffmpeg-devel at TalkVideo.net wrote:
> A cross-compile targeting Windows.
> I get it.
> If the problem is with Synaptic, maybe their support forum can help.

Well, been there done that. Maybe sometime in 2022, probably never. I complained about it for years. 
There have been no fixes that either create a "Mark all Upgrades" button or that correct the "Please 
select the "Mark all Upgrades" button or some packages to install/upgrade" notice. I've given up on 
that track.

> FWIW if it says "wanted 0.47" for meson at least try that one before you skip ahead
> to a later version.

Of course I would. Know where I can find 0.47? And then, know how I can get Synaptic to install it?

> I probably cant't help with this, because when I bill clients for this
> stuff, I will set up a cloud VM that I can hand over to them, etc.
> and I would pursue a Windows native build for Windows binaries before a
> cross-compile from Linux targeting Windows, if for no other reason
> that I am more familiar with the native build.
> Have you looked at the script ./cross_compile_ffmpeg.sh and debugged it?

   local meson_version=`meson --version`
   if ! at_least_required_version "0.47" "${meson_version}"; then
     echo "your meson version is too old $meson_version wanted 0.47"
     exit 1

What would you suggest I do, change "0.47" to "0.40"? Meson is the build system. If cross-compiling 
ffmpeg requires version 0.47, I don't think that tricking the system will work. Keep thinking, 
though; it's good for you.

> Try using set -x in your shell to see what that script does when it is
> running.

This can't be a bug in the script. It's an unsatisfied dependency.

> You might be able to bypass the problem by tweaking that script.
> That is definitely the place to start. If I pick this up,
> that's what I will do.

If you go there in the future, all I can say is, "Good luck."

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