[FFmpeg-user] Stuck preparing to compile ffmpeg from git source

ffmpeg-devel at TalkVideo.net ffmpeg-devel at TalkVideo.net
Mon Apr 13 06:33:44 EEST 2020

A cross-compile targeting Windows.

I get it. 

If the problem is with Synaptic, maybe their support forum can help.

FWIW if it says "wanted 0.47" for meson at least try that one before you skip ahead
to a later version.

I probably cant't help with this, because when I bill clients for this
stuff, I will set up a cloud VM that I can hand over to them, etc.
and I would pursue a Windows native build for Windows binaries before a
cross-compile from Linux targeting Windows, if for no other reason 
that I am more familiar with the native build.

Have you looked at the script ./cross_compile_ffmpeg.sh and debugged it?

Try using set -x in your shell to see what that script does when it is

You might be able to bypass the problem by tweaking that script.

That is definitely the place to start. If I pick this up,
that's what I will do.

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