[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg for transcoding a stream into web pag

Ted Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Fri May 10 19:58:23 EEST 2019

> <video width="320" height="240" controls>
>   <source src="IP-Cameras/stream/index.m3u8" type="video/mp4">
>   Your browser does not support the video tag.
> </video>

The type for the “extended” m3u8 files for hls is registered as application/vnd.apple.mpegURL
Usually whatever handles mime types on your http server handles that for you.
personally I don’t mark mime types except maybe to make a link download instead of playing in browser.

You would put video/mp4 if it was an ISO format being embedded as a prerecorded file, but the m3u8 is just a text listing of where to find all the fragments.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, but the example I gave you was like the simplest thing that usually works on the major browsers. It doesn’t even meet the minimum specs for HLS, you might want to look into implementing more features (especially the ones notated “MUST”)

Sort of off topic, but maybe try using an HTML authoring tool out, or at least a decent text editor that checks syntax… I don’t know if any of these other things are contributing, probably not, but still:

> <html>
> <header>
> </header>
> <body>

You need to declare a document type, not sure if it got left out when you copy and pasted. i.e. <!DOCTYPE html>
You probably also meant to put <head>, not <header>, those are headers like you might see on the top of a page.
And If you actually don’t have anything in the html header, you don’t need to have them at all, just go from html to body.

> Would be cool if I could have the output as a stream, that I can embed.

Were you referring to the same problem when you said this? Or some other difference from real streaming protocols?

Have a look at some options available with the muxer to see if any look like they might be helpful
# ffmpeg -h muxer=hls | more

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