[FFmpeg-user] HLS - Insert timed metadata or timed event into HLS

Ted Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Fri May 3 15:26:22 EEST 2019

> Is there a way to insert in a timed metadata or timed event into HLS content? For example, at 5 seconds into the movie, the player (Android exoplayer) can receive a timed metadata or timed event, so that the player can offer the user to skip the introduction. 

> But now I need to insert some timed metadata or timed event in to it. What options does ffmpeg have that can support this?

Not really… If you have a file containing the timed id3 tags as an elementary stream you could use that as an additional input and stream copy it before feeding your movie to the hls segmenter, but if you have such a file it was probably extracted from media with timed_id3 tags in the first place.

I’m think you need to use something expensive like AMS to do this, it’d be a great feature to be added to ffmpeg imho. I might be wrong and there is a way, or it might be work in progress, hopefully others will provide input also.

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