[FFmpeg-user] Slight blur on converted video

chronek chronek at interia.eu
Thu Mar 23 19:58:30 EET 2017

I do not know what for he need prores codec, maybe he not need it.... I 
did not see previous posts or screenshots...

so what is source file container/codec/colorspace/is interlaced? and 
what is desired container/codec/colorspace and for what he need it? 
(maybe can be used something else)

> Does it matter? If he's using ProRes as online editing codec at his place,
> this is the desired (intermediate) format. Of course every conversion is
> lossy.
> Colorspace conversion should not affect sharpness. What I see from the
> screenshots is a strong interpolation, and I wonder what's causing this (as
> does Dave, I guess). There's a noticable difference between the AME and the
> ffmpeg results.
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