[FFmpeg-user] avconv stream to ustream dies after 2 hours

Maziar Mehrabi maziar.mehrabi at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 15:50:44 CET 2015


The command should be more or less the same, sorry I don't have a R-Pi
a.t.m. so I cannot test it:

ffmpeg -f h264 -r 25 -i fifo.264 -metadata title="Raspberry Pi Camera
Module (LIVE)" -f flv  rtmp://1.18079948.fme.ustream.tv/morestuff

However on my Ubuntu machine I use -f v4l2 and get the camera through /dev

I don't know which version of FFMPEG you are using. I have recorded camera
streams for more than 80 hours without problem. The reason you get that
warning has a long history, but it does not mean that you still can't
install the latest version of FFMPEG on your distribution. I suggest you to
do it. If you insist on using avconv, then I'm not sure if this mailing is
the correct one to send avconv related posts.

Finally, make sure you delete all the quote texts in your reply to avoid

Maziar Mehrabi

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