[FFmpeg-user] How to append silence to AAC without reencoding

Costin Chirvasuta costinc at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 18:09:37 CET 2015


Is it possible to add silence to an AAC file without reencoding?

I'm trying to concatenate AAC files with the same encoding (but from
different encoders) and it works fine for AAC-LC but HE-AACv1 and
HE-AACv2 have frames with the SBR extension and these frames depend on
previous frames. I want to get a silence frame with SBR settings that
match a certain AAC encoded file so I can add it between concatenated
files. This works well right now if I search the file I want to add
for frames with low volume and an SBR header (frames that have
bs_header_flag set) and add it in between. If I don't add this frame
the first few frames from the second file aren't properly decoded and
I get "Expected to read %d SBR bytes actually read %d" errors.


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