[FFmpeg-user] Bad Output when using skip_frame option

李天宇 rzcxbs at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 11:59:45 CET 2015

Hello,every one:
      I found when I used skip_frame option in some video, like:
         ffplay -skip_frame 'bidir' t1.flv
      the graph output sometimes contains crashed blocks and appears just
      I tried 'noref' and it worked normal , 'no key' make the video only
changes every few seconds but still normal.
      I tried '-loglevel debug' but didn't get anything useful.
      To my knowledge, it's safe to remove all B frame in the same time, so
I doubt whether the video is coded in a wrong way?
      But I don't know how to look into the complicated H264 bits to find
it out,do anyone know some tool can do this?

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