[FFmpeg-user] New user want to use ffmpeg in asp.net

Martín Capón Borreggo volar.2016 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 17 22:22:30 CET 2015

Hi again:
Sorry for having two threads. I am learning to use it.
I have ffmpeg.exe. No other files like fvtools etc. that come with the ffmpeg.exe. Maybe the error is because it needs the other files.
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Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2015 22:16:22 +0100
Subject: Re: [FFmpeg-user] New user want to use ffmpeg in asp.net

Am 17.12.2015 um 22:10 schrieb Martín Capón Borreggo:
> Thanks.
> What do u mean 'wihout the full output?
ffmpeg.exe outouts more than "I get an error 'unsupported code for 
stream #0.0'" and so when you do "fmpeg -i ejemplo.avi ejemplo.mp4" 
there is *more output*
and for "I can't copy and paste the error" two questions:
* why the hell do you create two threads on the list?
* why do you pretend that one can't copy&paste console
   outout on windows?
> Do u know where can I downoload all the files that come with ffmpeg and the ffmpeg itself in zip format?
ffmpeg upstream only releases source code
what exactly are you missing and from where are you binaries?
> Am 17.12.2015 um 20:12 schrieb Martín Capón Borreggo:
>> I am new. Want to use ffmpeg in asp.net
>> I downloaded the ffmpeg. I want to use html5 audio and video tags
>> I do ffmpeg -i ejemplo.avi ejemplo.mp4 in order to convert my 520 mb ejemplo.avi file into mp4.
>> ejemplo.mp4 is created with 0 bytes.
>> I get an error 'unsupported code for stream #0.0'
>> Can u help me?
> not without the full output

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