[FFmpeg-user] Increase ffmpeg memory footprint?

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Thu Dec 17 14:01:34 CET 2015

Ned Rockson <nedrocks <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Of course -- I'm constantly receiving warnings 
> saying "could not allocate memory" 

This does not look like an FFmpeg error message.

> and I'm assuming this has something to do with 
> limitations set within the program as my machine 
> has over 2 GB of free memory (according to
> /proc/meminfo).

FFmpeg does indeed limit the amount of memory that 
will be allocated in one block but the limitation 
should be very difficult to trigger (even with 
non-valid input) and if you really have only 2G of 
memory, I believe the OS's limitation should trigger 
before FFmpeg's.

-max_alloc is a debug option used to find bugs, 
there should be no reason for you to use it (unless 
you want to help us fixing bugs).
Please show the command line that triggers the 
messages you see together with the complete, uncut 
console output (yes, you are expected to cut 
duplicated lines but neither the first 50 nor the 
last 50 lines).

Please do not top-post here, Carl Eugen

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