[FFmpeg-user] MJPEG: Deprecated pixel format warning

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Fri Feb 21 14:16:15 CET 2014

Tobias Rapp <t.rapp <at> noa-audio.com> writes:

> [swscaler  <at>  00b78000] deprecated pixel format used, 
> make sure you did set range correctly

Afaict, the warning is primarily meant for library users, 
ffmpeg users should not be affected.

> I tested to add "-color_range" with option value "0", 
> "1" and "2" but this does not make any difference.

Iirc, the documentation of color_range is incorrect, it 
only affects decoding (sometimes, currently broken).

> If I try to add "-pix_fmt yuv422p" an
> additional warning is shown:

The correct pix_fmt for mjpeg is yuvj422p, or you use 
-strict -2 if you know what you are doing.

Carl Eugen

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