[FFmpeg-user] Help with excessive CPU usage

Loadlinx limiteddi at gmail.com
Sat Feb 15 08:14:31 CET 2014

I think I know what causes it but would like someone to confirm:

I have two identical 16 core servers, identical ffmpeg lines, identical
software installs.

Server 1 does a very good job transcoding 20 inputs from DVB @ 75% per

Server 2 is on the same LAN and transcodes inputs from server 1 but CPU
usage is through the roof. If I start with 1 process is starts at 75%, if I
add 4 more all processes go up to 180%.

The only difference between the two is input: DVB to http on localhost vs
http remote host.

Can someone shed some light if its possible to get server 2 to work as
efficiently as server 1?

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