[FFmpeg-user] Compiling FFMPEG 2.0+ for Android platform

Dharmesh Chauhan dharmesh at kcspl.co.in
Fri Feb 14 15:47:54 CET 2014

Hello All,

I have been trying to add image overlay on video, so that overlay image gets displayed for particular timeframe only.

By following the instructions from following link I am able to do overlay video with image such overlaid image is displayed for entire video running length.

FFMPEG Command Used:
/data/data/com.example.test/lib/libffmpeg.so -i /storage/sdcard0/e.mp4 -i /storage/sdcard0/a.png -filter_complex [0:v][1:v]overlay=10:10 -codec:a copy /storage/sdcard0/testFFmpeg/cle3far.3gp 

However I need to overlay image for particular time interval of video. So I tried following command but it didn’t work.

FFMPEG Command that didn’t work:

/data/data/com.example.test/lib/libffmpeg.so -i /storage/sdcard0/e.mp4 -i /storage/sdcard0/a.png -filter_complex [0:v][1:v]overlay=10:10:enable=between(t\,0\,30) -codec:a copy /storage/sdcard0/testFFmpeg/cle3far.3gp 

Error Message: 
Key ‘enable’ not found.
ShelloutError initializing filter 'overlay' with args '10:10:enable=between(t,0,30)' 
ShelloutError configuring filters.  

By googling, I was able to find that I need FFMPEG 2.0, so I tried creating new ffmpeg library by following http://vec.io/posts/how-to-build-ffmpeg-with-android-ndk, but it didn’t work either.

It would be great if someone can get me anything from following.

1. Android precompiled library for FFMPEG 2.0+ (libffmpeg.so) 


2. Way to do image overlay without FFMPEG




Thanks and Regards,
Dharmesh Chauhan

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