[FFmpeg-user] File rotation (like LOG files!)

Podium B.V. mailinglist at podiumbv.nl
Thu Feb 13 09:28:22 CET 2014

Hi all,

little strange question, but maybe somebody
can give me the right direction...

We have 2 encoding servers, just with Ubuntu,
a Blackmagic Decklink and FFmpeg, which provide
a very stable and HQ stream to our CDN Provider.

(nice to know for the ffmpeg community: Teradek,
miniCaster, Teracue and even the Digital Rapids streamer
are no match against the quality in low bitrates of
ffmpeg / x264 encoder on a 'simple' Intel I7 system :-)

But back to my question, we need (by law) to record
a legal-feed of our broadcast and store this for 21 days.

With the following example it was no problem to let
our two encoding servers store this legal-feeds.

BUT is there (maybe) a way that output A (the stream)
keeps streaming, while output B (the file / legal-feed)
starts at midnight in a new file.

I hope to do some kind of file-rotation like log files while
the the stream keeps going on without a glitch and of course
would it be nice the encoding would be done onces!

Kind regards!

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