[FFmpeg-user] Setting the "preset" and "crf" options programatically.

Eduardo Felipe edufelipe at e3c.com.br
Wed Feb 12 21:12:08 CET 2014

Hello everyone,

I'm trying understand how the "preset" and "crf" command-line options for
ffmpeg gets filled in into the AVCodecContext structure. I've looked into
"ffmpeg_opt.c", "ffmpeg.c" and "libx264.c" trying to figure out how it gets
filled when encoding H.264 but there are just too many layers for me to
understand alone.

On the command line I do something like this:

    ffmpeg -i Sintel.avi -vcodec libx264 -preset ultrafast -crf 18 -f
mpegts udp://

Then I replicated that in code:

    AVFormatContext *oc = NULL;
    avformat_alloc_output_context2(&oc, NULL, "mpegts", "udp://");
    AVCodec *codec = avcodec_find_encoder_by_name("libx264");
    AVStream *st = avformat_new_stream(oc, codec);

    AVCodecContext *c = st->codec;

And that's where I get stuck. What should I do with AVCodecContext to set
those parameters as that struct does not have a "preset" or "crf" field.

Thanks in advance.

Eduardo Felipe.

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