[FFmpeg-user] a -vf for broadcast safe

Rio Kierkels riokierkels at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 09:30:38 CET 2014

On 11 February 2014 22:59, Rens Dijkshoorn <rens at onlinemedia.nl> wrote:

> Broadcastsafe means useally that the matrix conversion
> is transparent between all 3 colorspaces and no data
> clipping occurs.
> Rens
> Hi Rens,

Could you clarify what you mean by transparent matrix conversions?

And thanx btw for the Tektronix link, its a nice overview.
The big problem I'm having is not know which programs to trust when
checking those levels as shown by the thread I linked to earlier.
Especially checking levels in a broadcast compliant mxf file.
I'm still trying to get in to one of the Dutch broadcasters just to see
how they do the checking of mxf files.


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