[FFmpeg-user] Transport Stream (.ts) with ac3 audio

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Thu Feb 6 19:04:01 CET 2014

Phil Rhodes <phil_rhodes <at> rocketmail.com> writes:

> I should imagine it probably took Rio quite some 
> time to create all the test cases for his video 
> levels problem too

So you don't understand that I wanted to point out 
that given that time is the only limiting factor 
in FFmpeg development, all questions and reports 
have to be made in a way that developers don't have 
to spend time downloading unneeded samples or 
text files that could be content of an email?

Or to say it differently:
If you wanted to help (I know you didn't) why 
didn't you simply answer all his questions?

> which contain lots of useful information about 
> the problems (which are of long standing)
> with luminance handling in ffmpeg.

(Funny, I am everything but a native speaker but 
the way I understand the thread the problems you 
see cannot be reproduced by anybody else.)

Please point me to your report.

> And you dismissed his efforts out of hand.

No, I explained how he can save the enormous 
time he invested and and the same time 
increase his chances for an answer.

> Do you see why this is a problem?

Yes, definitely.

We intentionally don't ban people here (it is 
important that this is an open mailing list 
contrary to what the thieves do), but I regret 
it from time to time.

Carl Eugen

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