[FFmpeg-user] Full to studio levels

Rio Kierkels riokierkels at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 14:36:23 CET 2014

On 3 February 2014 13:38, Phil Rhodes <phil_rhodes at rocketmail.com> wrote:

> Rio,
> I can basically confirm your impression that this isn't quite so easy to
> get right.
> You're not the only person to ever have hit this - it has been discussed
> for quite some time (years). A friend of mine had to write custom software
> using the ffmpeg libraries mainly because he could never figure out a way
> to handle certain luma scaling issues.
> As you've found, there appears to be a few automatic behaviours which are
> a bit unhelpful, which I suspect you're somehow switching off with your
> filter selections.
> Be prepared for the possibility that there is no lossless way to fix this
> from the commandline.
> P
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Thanks Phil,

I was afraid it would be something like that. As we speak I'm writing a
huge post with sample material to use just to try to clarify the situation.
Hopefully a lot of people will chime in and contribute in some way or

Great to see you here, It's always nice to read your RedShark articles.
I hope you can share some of your insights with this one as well.



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