[FFmpeg-user] ntsc-dvd doesn't default to interlaced.

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Sun Jul 28 10:46:18 CEST 2013

Mike Brown <brown <at> mrvideo.vidiot.com> writes:

> I never knew that the DVD MPEG-2 video was supposed to be
> BFF. I alawys thought it was TFF.

Afair, both are possible and allowed and both are seen in 
the wild.

> But... since pretty much all movies are placed on DVD as 
> 23.976p, with pulldown flags, the DVD player will convert
> the MPEG-2 to analog NTSC 2:3 output.

The world is not NTSC-only...


> > Because it's being scaled, some lines will be directly 
> > taken from the input, some will be guesses, depending 
> > on how they fall, no? You can only eliminate guesses if 
> > the output size is a factor of the input size e.g. 480 
> > -> 240.

(As said, this is simply not correct.)

> Right.  But, you skip one of the guessing games instead 
> of having two.

Depending on the definition of "guessing", I don't think 
scaling counts as guessing, you simply have to choose one 
of several algorithms.

Carl Eugen

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