[FFmpeg-user] How to add amr-nb to FFmpeg

James Darnley james.darnley at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 21:56:54 CEST 2013

On 2013-04-25 20:01, gcmail wrote:
> ---- On Thu, 25 Apr 2013 12:34:17 -0500 bat guano  wrote ---- 
>> Hi 
>> Your FFmpeg -version shows "--enable-libopencore-amrnb". 
>> So it already has amr-nb included, no need to add it. ;-) 
>> Use commands like this:- 
>> ffmpeg -i file.wav -acodec libopencore_amrnb -ab 12.2k -ac 1 -ar 8k file.amr                        
> Hi,
> In the GUI I am using I don't see amrnb,
> as a choice for audio.
> I do see libopencore_ammb
> Maybe the GUI has a typo in the list?

Depending on the font used and the size of it, an 'm' and 'rn' can
easily look the same.  Of course, if someone was copying a list of
codecs for this GUI they may have made this mistake too.

Also, I don't think there is a codec called "libopencore_ammb" anyway,
certainly not one in ffmpeg, so I can only assume it is what you are
looking for.

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