[FFmpeg-user] QuickTime Player plays two audio tracks when I open a file transcoded with ffmpeg

Roger Pack rogerdpack2 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 23:33:21 CET 2012

> I'm having a weird behaviour when I open a file that was transcoded
> using ffmpeg. The command I used to transcode the file is the
> following:
> $ ffmpeg -i Collateral.vob -map 0:0 -map 0:30 -map 0:29 -preset
> ultrafast -crf 18 -vf crop=720:416 -profile:v high -ss 300 -t 30
> Collateral.mp4

full console output please?

> As you can see, I have two audio streams in the resulting mp4 file.
> When I open it in QuickTime Player and hit play, the audio of both
> streams is mixed. If I select View>Languages, none of the two streams
> is selected. If I select one of them, audio starts playing correctly.
> This doesn't happen if I open the file using VLC. Also, if I use
> apple's quickview feature in Finder, the video starts playing
> correctly using by default the first audio stream.
> Funny enough, I tried transcoding the original video with HandBrake
> using same audio/video codec combination and the resulting file plays
> correctly in QuickTime Player. It seems like ffmpeg is not able to add
> some additional info to the file to tell QuickTime Player which stream
> to use by default.

handbrake to an mp4?
What's the output from $ ffmpeg -i FILENAME
for the ffmpeg one and the handbrake one, do they differ?

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