[FFmpeg-user] QuickTime Player plays two audio tracks when I open a file transcoded with ffmpeg

Gonzalo Suárez gonzalo.llorente at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 23:15:35 CET 2012

Hi all.

I'm having a weird behaviour when I open a file that was transcoded
using ffmpeg. The command I used to transcode the file is the

$ ffmpeg -i Collateral.vob -map 0:0 -map 0:30 -map 0:29 -preset
ultrafast -crf 18 -vf crop=720:416 -profile:v high -ss 300 -t 30

As you can see, I have two audio streams in the resulting mp4 file.
When I open it in QuickTime Player and hit play, the audio of both
streams is mixed. If I select View>Languages, none of the two streams
is selected. If I select one of them, audio starts playing correctly.

This doesn't happen if I open the file using VLC. Also, if I use
apple's quickview feature in Finder, the video starts playing
correctly using by default the first audio stream.

Funny enough, I tried transcoding the original video with HandBrake
using same audio/video codec combination and the resulting file plays
correctly in QuickTime Player. It seems like ffmpeg is not able to add
some additional info to the file to tell QuickTime Player which stream
to use by default.

Do you guys know if I'm missing some parameter when I call ffmpeg?

Many thanks for the help.
Best regards.


ffmpeg is installed using MacPorts with variant +nonfree. version is
1.0 - Mac OS X is version 10.8.2 - QuickTime Player is 10.2

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