[FFmpeg-user] Build LGPL version of FFmpeg for Windows

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Mon Nov 5 10:53:24 CET 2012

Michael Raab <Michael.Raab <at> iff.fraunhofer.de> writes:

> Neither static nor dynamic compilation works.
> I tried to step back to the previous git commit. 

The usual suggestion would be not to step back 
but to update to current git head.
(Is this really different for your internal 
software? Hard to understand.)

> There it compiles longer 
> but results in a crash of c99conv.exe.
> Here's the last output:
> CC      libavcodec/indeo3.o
> indeo3.c
> Assertion failed: struct_array_lists[saidx].array_depth > 0 || j < 
> structs[struct_array_lists[saidx].struct_decl_idx].n_entries, file 
> convert.c, line 2164
> As far as I unterstand you're periodically 
> automatically building msvc builds of ffmpeg 
> (unfortunately GPL versions).

If you think GPL makes a difference for your 
compilation (it certainly doesn't, it just adds 
a few filters), add --enable-gpl for testing.

> Which code base/repository are you using? 

Didn't I already link to http://fate.ffmpeg.org/ ?
It contains all information afaict.

> Could you provide your builds of 
> c99conv and c99wrap?

The official c99-to-c89 repository is here:
Some binaries are available at:

Please do not top post, it is considered 
rude on all FFmpeg mailing lists.

Carl Eugen

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