[FFmpeg-user] Build LGPL version of FFmpeg for Windows

Michael Raab Michael.Raab at iff.fraunhofer.de
Mon Nov 5 08:24:39 CET 2012

Neither static nor dynamic compilation works.
I tried to step back to the previous git commit. There it compiles longer 
but results in a crash of c99conv.exe.

Here's the last output:

CC      libavcodec/indeo3.o
Assertion failed: struct_array_lists[saidx].array_depth > 0 || j < 
structs[struct_array_lists[saidx].struct_decl_idx].n_entries, file 
convert.c, line 2164

As far as I unterstand you're periodically automatically building msvc 
builds of ffmpeg (unfortunately GPL versions).

Which code base/repository are you using? Could you provide your builds of 
c99conv and c99wrap?
I'm not sure what else may be different or faulty?


Von:    Carl Eugen Hoyos <cehoyos at ag.or.at>
An:     ffmpeg-user at ffmpeg.org
Datum:  02.11.2012 14:30
Betreff:        Re: [FFmpeg-user] Build LGPL version of FFmpeg for Windows
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Michael Raab <Michael.Raab <at> iff.fraunhofer.de> writes:

> Version: Recent from Git repository - 
> cd37963684d8ee9819af15ccebe09d84839101dd
> Parameters: config:x86:x86_32:generic:win32:Microsoft (R) 32-Bit 
> C/C++-Optimierungscompiler Version 16.00.40219.01 fr 
> 80x86:--toolchain=msvc --enable-shared --disable-static --arch=x86_32
> Hope this help... Do you need more information?

Does static compilation work?

Carl Eugen

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